Local infection treatment at home.

  Teach the caregiver how treat local infection at home. Following instruction below will provide better guiding and understanding on how to give oral,topical and eye ointment at home to treat local infection .
  • explain how the treatment is given.
  • watch her as she does the first treatment in the clinic
  • she should return to the clinic if the infection worsens.
  • check the mother`s understanding before she leaves the clinic.

Common local infection in children 

  • skin pastule or umbilical infection.
  • oral thrush (white patches in mouth)or mouth ulcer
  • eye infection(conjuctivitis)
skin pustule/umbilical infection  
The image of baby with skin pastules, scaling of the skin.
The image of baby with skin pastules, scaling of the skin


Apply gentian violet twice daily for 5 days. The mother should :
  • wash hand
  • gently wash off pus and crust with soap and water.
  • dry the area
  • paint with gentian violent
  • wash hand
  • give oral antibiotic-Flucloxacillin or ampicillin.

Eye infection /conjuctivitis. 

Eye infection should treated with tetracycline eye ointment. This drug of choice.
  • Clean both eyes 3 times daily for 5 days.
  • wash hands
  • use clean cloth and water to gently wipe away pus.
  • then apply tetracycline in both eyes 3 times daily.
  • open the eyes of the young infant and squirt a small amount of ointment on the inside of lower lid
  • wash hand again continua  with treatment until redness is gone.
  • NB do not use other eye ointment or drops or put anything else in the eye.
Oral thrush ( white patches in the mouth) or mouth ulcer.

Mother should

  • Wash hands,
  • Wash mouth with clean soft cloth wrapped around the finger and wet with salt water.
  • Instill Nystatin
  • Wash hand
  • If breast-fed advice the mother to wash her breast after feeds and apply the same medicine on the oreolar.

Teaching mother/caregiver to give oral medication at home.

Follow the instructions below for every oral drug to be given at home to treat infection.
  • clinician should determine appropriate drugs and dosage for the child`s age or weight
  • tell the mother/caregiver the reason for giving the drug to the child.
  • demonstrate how to measure a dose.
  • Watch the mother /caregiver practice measuring a dose by themselves.
  • Ask the caregiver/mother to give the first dose to their child.
  • Explain carefully how to give the drug,then label and package the drug.
  • If more than one drug will be given,collect,count and package each drug separately.
  • Explain that all oral drug tablet or syrup must be used to finish the course of treatment, even if the child gets better.
  • Check the mother/caregiver  understanding before they leave the clinic.

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